bennnnn Hi! I am Kadir Kozan who has a PhD in Learning, Design and Technology from Purdue University. So, let’s say I have a PhID/IDPhil or  PhLDT/LDTPhil… Speaking of philosophy, I love to consider myself as someone who has been learning to be a “peTechgogue” who investigates “peTechgogy”… I think this is of utmost importance given, by and large, the relatively lower effect sizes associated with technology integration (you can see Dr. Hattie’s 2018 list here) (please note: effect sizes and such research may have limitations as well). In petechgogy, I use technology as a way of solving learning performance problems through technology-enabled learning (including tools) following Stolovitch & Keeps (2011) as well as Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich (2013). In this respect, petechgogy page above includes various posts on learning and learning-related stuff.

This website purports to provide information about my professional development in my field of study. My research mainly focuses on improving human learning performance through technology integration. To me, technology goes beyond the machinery or tools that are byproducts of it. Specifically, it means integrating evidence-based scientific and professional knowledge to solve human performance problems as they relate to all human endeavors including education. By “evidence-based”, I mean the same thing as the Royal Society`s motto: “Nvllivs in verba”/”Don’t take anybody’s word for it.”

     In order to gain deeper insights into my professional journey in Learning, Design and Technology, please navigate through the pages on this website. Your comments are also more than welcome!

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>”Biz daima gerçeği arayan ve onu buldukça ve bu bulduğumuza inandıkça, ifadeye cesaret gösteren insanlar olmalıyız.” (Atatürk)
>”Your best and wisest refuge from all troubles is in your science.” (Ada Lovelace)
>”Education…is the great equalizer.” (Horace Mann)
>”Question  everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.” (Euripides)
>”I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led, and bearding every authority which stood in their way” (Thomas Jefferson)
>”If we teach only the findings & products of science without its critical method, how can [someone] distinguish science from [cargo-cult science]?” (C. Sagan)
>”Be most critical of those things that you most fervently believe” (P. De Bruyckere, P. Kirschner, & C. Hulshof)