bennnnn Hi! I am Kadir Kozan who has a PhD in Learning, Design and Technology from Purdue University. So, let’s say I have a PhID or  Ph LDT… 😉 This website purports  to provide information about my professional development in my  field of study. Speaking of it, my research mainly focuses on improving human learning performance through technology integration. To me, technology goes beyond the machinery or tools that are byproducts of it. Specifically, it means integrating evidence-based scientific and professional knowledge to solve human performance problems as they relate to all human endeavors including education. By “evidence-based”, I mean the same thing as the Royal Society`s motto: “Nvllivs in verba”/”Don’t take anybody’s word for it.”

     In order to gain deeper insights into my professional journey in Learning, Design and Technology, please navigate through the pages on this website. Your comments are also more than welcome!

 “Question  everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.” (Euripides)