‘The Writing’s on the screen’ New Scientist, November 2014


I spent some of the half term holiday catching up with reading, including an article in the November 2014 issue of the New Scientist entitled ‘The writing’s on the screen’, which is about how digital technology is changing the way we read and write, and how far these changes matter.  Among the scientific research it summarises is:

– A study by the psychologists Mueller and Oppenheimer which compared students who took notes by hand, with those who took notes on a laptop.  It found that the students who took their notes by hand tended to understand and remember the lecture better than those who had typed.  Mueller suggests that this is because the students who typed mindlessly typed down everything, without really listening to what was said.

– A study by Anne Mangen from the Reading Centre at the University of Starvanger in Norway, which compared two groups of students…

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