The Value of Repetition


I am a teacher.  I repeat myself a lot.  ‘Put your bags ON THE FLOOR’ and ‘If I could confiscate your hands, I would’ are two things I have said more than once this week.  Constant repetition of these phrases does not always have the desired effect. (Why do so many students in my class want to situate themselves behind a bag?  I’m not that scary.)  We all know, however, that learning and repetition go hand in hand.  If you want to learn a fact or concept, you need to repeat or revisit it.  This is, of course, why plenaries are useful – they reinforce the key information from the lesson and thus help students to remember it.  In the past, though, I have tended to leave it at that in case by returning again to an idea or concept I was being boring.  Surely, I had already taught them…

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