Sounds worrying: Teacher burnout and student stress may be linked

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I know exam-periods can be stressful for both students and teachers, but maybe there is more… According to a University of British Columbia study, teacher burnout and student stress may well be linked and they checked this in primary school.

In short:

  • Elementary school children’s morning cortisol levels varied among classrooms.
  • Classroom teacher burnout predicted higher morning cortisol in children.
  • Burnout explained more than half of the classroom variability in morning cortisol.

From the press release:

The study is the first of its kind to examine the connection between teacher burnout and students’ cortisol levels, which are a biological indicator of stress.

Researchers collected saliva samples from over 400 elementary school children and tested their cortisol levels. They found that in classrooms in which teachers experienced more burnout, or feelings of emotional exhaustion, students’ cortisol levels were elevated. Higher cortisol levels in elementary school children have been linked to learning…

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