Put ‘brain’ on it and people will believe it (research)

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Last week I discovered this wonderful lecture by Dorothy Bisshop that everybody interested in research should take time for.

In her lecture she mentions several research-papers and 2 are definitely worth a closer look.

First there is this 2008 research by Weisberg et Al. from which this is the abstract:

Explanations of psychological phenomena seem to generate more public interest when they contain neuroscientific information. Even irrelevant neuroscience information in an explanation of a psychological phenomenon may interfere with people’s abilities to critically consider the underlying logic of this explanation. We tested this hypothesis by giving naïve adults, students in a neuroscience course, and neuroscience experts brief descriptions of psychological phenomena followed by one of four types of explanation, according to a 2 (good explanation vs. bad explanation) × 2 (without neuroscience vs. with neuroscience) design. Crucially, the neuroscience information was irrelevant to the logic of the explanation, as…

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