ICT-based Collaborative Learning and Innovative Pedagogy

3-Star learning experiences

By Paul A. Kirschner

Much of what has been designed and developed for modern day multimedia computer supported collaborative learning (MM‑CSCL) is based either on the possibilities that information and communication technologies (ICTs) afford for CSCL and CSCL environments or on a variety of educational and/or on various general and specific pedagogical principles that practitioners attempt to apply in those MM environments. The problem with these two approaches is that CSCL is often not very effective (i.e., students often do not learn what was planned and/or do not really collaborate with each other), and/or not very efficient (i.e., learning what was intended takes more time and more effort that either learning alone and/or takes more than the time that was allotted/planned), and/or not really enjoyable (i.e., learners have the idea that they are just “going through the paces” and would prefer to work alone). I have, along with two colleagues…

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