Daisy Christodoulou, Seven Myths about Education


I have to declare an interest here.  Daisy is one of my closest friends, and over the years we have had many conversations about the issues raised in this book.  I say ‘conversations’ but in truth my role is generally that of attentive listener.  But then, what would I need to say?  Daisy is right about everything she says in this book.  (Note to Daisy – you are not allowed to quote the first five words of that last sentence back at me in isolation from the last five.  I retain the right to disagree with you on anything not in this book.)  But, back to the book, which is fantastic.  It is the product of an enormous amount of careful research, and makes an entirely compelling case for dismissing all the following myths: facts prevent understanding; teacher led instruction is passive; the twenty first century fundamentally changes everything; you…

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