Some thoughts on feedback


I have read a couple of things recently on feedback.  The first was from the chapter ‘So, What exactly do we know about learning?’ in Urban Myths about Learning and Education by de Bruyckere, Kirschner and Hulsof.  This summarises two recent studies on feedback.  The first was by Hattie and Timperley, which divided feedback into four categories:

  1. Task-orientated – you did X and Y improved as a result
  2. Process-oriented – you needed to do more preparation in order to complete this task successfully
  3. Self-regulatory – you need to keep trying or you need to project confidence
  4. Person-orientated – you are talented.

The second study cited is by Gausch, Espasa, Alvareza and Kirschner which suggests that there are three broad categories of feedback.  I have provided simplified (and I hope accurate) explanations of the three types below.

  1. Corrective feedback – pointing out what was wrong with the work
  2. Suggestive feedback –…

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