iPads as effective as sedatives for children before operations

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Several people shared a New York Post article about “digital heroin” with me that I wanted to debunk, but Daniel Willingham beat me to it, read his great reaction here.

Why am I mentioning this – besides that I hope people will share Dan Willingham’s reaction as often – is because this new study could be misunderstood when you believe the NY Post article: New research shows that allowing children to use iPads to distract them before surgery requiring general anesthesia is as effective at lowering their anxiety as conventional sedatives.

It means that an iPad can help to distract kids quite effectively, which is actually a good thing.

Do note: as it’s a study to be presented soon in Hong Kong, I wasn’t able to read the actual study

Btw: Casper Hulshof showed me this effective usage of iPads to sedate a person:

From the press release:

New research presented at this…

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