An important blow for informal learning at work?

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We’ve discussed the 70-20-10-model before on this blog and in our book and the defenders of the model usually respond that you don’t need to take the percentages too literally and that the model puts an emphasis on the importance of informal learning.

But the latter may have received a bit of a blow this week by the results of a longitudinal study by the Dutch SCP. I didn’t got their study when it was released, but an article in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant pointed me to the study this weekend.

This isn’t a small study, as 4500 respondents between 16 and 65 who are in a profession are being followed as long as a possible in this longitudinal approach.

What are the important conclusions regarding formal and informal learning:

  • Regarding the life long learning of less educated workers, informal learning doesn’t work.
  • Employees who receive less formal learning opportunities don’t compensate this by informal…

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