Hattie & Donoghue propose a new conceptual model for learning

From experience to meaning...

This morning Tim van der Zee (@Research_Tim) pointed me to a new publication by John Hattie in Nature that he co-wrote with Gregory Donoghue in which the man from Visible Learning fame and his colleague propose a new conceptual model of learning that looks like this:

The abstract makes the intentions clear:

The purpose of this article is to explore a model of learning that proposes that various learning strategies are powerful at certain stages in the learning cycle. The model describes three inputs and outcomes (skill, will and thrill), success criteria, three phases of learning (surface, deep and transfer) and an acquiring and consolidation phase within each of the surface and deep phases. A synthesis of 228 meta-analyses led to the identification of the most effective strategies. The results indicate that there is a subset of strategies that are effective, but this effectiveness depends on the…

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