Stimulating creativity effectively… via explicit instruction

From experience to meaning...

This in given limitations well-designed Dutch study by van de Kamp et al that I found via Dylan William may well be the opposite of what you would expect if I ask you how to promote creativity. Instead of discovery learning and brainstorming, the pupils received explicit instruction.

And what are the conclusions?

Albeit statistically medium effects, we think we have found important effects on the three indicators of divergent thinking, taken into account the short span of the intervention of the experimental condition of just 50 min and the complexity of the process of enhancing original ideas. The intervention focused on students’ metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive skills in creative processes and the divergent thinking activities and strategies used in these processes. Due to the molar characteristic of the intervention—an explicit metacognitive strategy instruction on divergent thinking—it is impossible to single out one specific element as the element that might have caused the…

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