Another day, another replication

From experience to meaning...

It has been a very busy day as the academic year has started again with some intense teaching sessions for fresh soon to be teachers on my schedule. That’s why I haven’t shared this new example of replication study tackling a famous insight from psychology yet. And that’s a pity, because the study is mentioned in Nature (yeah!) and was conducted by a team from the KULeuven (a Belgian University and while being patriotic is the least Belgian one can act, still yeah!!).

From the article discussing the replication in Nature:

Physiologist Ivan Pavlov conditioned dogs to associate food with the sound of a buzzer, which left them salivating. Decades later, researchers discovered such training appears to block efforts to teach the animals to link other stimuli to the same reward. Dogs trained to expect food when a buzzer sounds can then be conditioned to salivate when they are exposed to the noise…

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