How bad is it to pull an all-nighter?

From experience to meaning...

I have been explaining to my students that pulling an all-nighter for a test is a horrible idea. This press release based on the findings by David Earnest, a Texas A&M College of Medicine sleep expert, confirms it: procrastination and sleep deprivation do much more harm than good.

From the press release:

A sleep deprived brain is dysfunctional

We will all probably encounter sleep deprivation at some point in our lives, whether willingly or unwillingly. Still, if you think staying awake all night is beneficial to your study habits, think again.

“Sleep deprivation’s effect on working memory is staggering,” said David Earnest, PhD, a professor with the Texas A&M College of Medicine who studies circadian rhythms (our 24-hour body clocks). “Your brain loses efficiency with each hour of sleep deprivation.”

Most people need at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night for the body and brain to function normally. So…

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