‘How to make a good teacher’, The Economist June 11th 2016


In the June 11th 2016 edition of The Economist both the leader and one of the briefings were about teaching.  I am going to discuss the leader this week and the briefing next.

This article tells us that: ‘What matters in schools is teachers’.  I wouldn’t argue with that, especially in the light of evidence from two recent American studies on the impact of good pedagogy.  The first of these studies found that ‘in a single year’s teaching the top 10% of teachers impart[ed] three times as much learning to pupils as the worst 10%.’  The second suggests that it would be possible to eliminate the achievement gap between black and white Americans by ensuring that black students were taught by the top 25% of teachers.  So, how do we make sure that all teaching is of a high standard?  This article considers and rejects the option of simply sacking…

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