‘Teaching and teachers’, The Economist June 11th 2016


Last week I discussed the leader in the June 11th 2016 edition of The Economist, which looked forward to the day when the teaching profession was better trained, and consequently more skilled and better respected.  In this article on education reform from the same edition, The Economist considers some of the ways of improving a teacher’s skill set.  Given a special mention are:

  • The Sposato Graduate School of Education, which has compiled a list of the ‘5, 000 or so things that go into amazing teaching’ (!) and aim to make sure their graduates can do at least the 250 most important of these.
  • The 62 teaching techniques identified by Doug Lemov as increasing both the number of students in the class who are thinking and the amount of time they have to spend thinking during each lesson.
  • Professional development which ensures that teachers ‘receive precise instruction together with specific…

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