Educators shouldn’t forget the fathers!

From experience to meaning...

Yesterday I posted here on this blog some interesting research on policy and parenting, the study I want to share with you today is in the same line of research but with another emphasis with as most important takeaway: Counselors and educators should involve fathers from low-income settings more in their children’s education. Although the sample size is rather low – certainly in comparison to the previous mentioned study – and because of the approach a strong emphasis on perception, I do think it’s worth sharing.

From the press release:

The warmth of a father’s love has a special influence on young people, and makes them feel optimistic and determined to strive for greater things. It also boosts the math grades of teenage girls and the language ability of boys, says Dr. Marie-Anne Suizzo of the University of Texas in the US, in an article in Springer’s journal Sex Roles

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