A study about augmented reality and learning

From experience to meaning...

Augmented and virtual reality is hot, also in people thinking about education. But what is the effect of augmented reality on learning? Good question, and this – rather smal – study shows it maybe can. But caution is warranted if you look at this overview:

0 Month 1 Month 1 Month + 1 Week
Motivation (Deci & Ryan) Situation motivation
Knowledge test Knowledge test
School learning context Science centre learning context
Background variables: school achievement, gender

This means that the study doesn’t say anything about lasting effect of often using augmented reality in education, as motivation seems to be a possible explanation. Motivation can also originate from doing something new…

From the press release:

The aim of this research project was to analyse learning using Augmented Reality (AR) technology and the motivational and cognitive aspects related to it in an informal learning context…

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