Maybe the most relevant Figure from PISA, imho

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Finally we know: let’s all go to Estonia, gratulations to Singapore, etc. PISA 2012 2015 has arrived. I had the luck to experience a very kind breeze that brought the reports a bit earlier on my desk, so I have read them already.

As has become traditional, there is a lot to chew on, but if you only could look at one thing only, this Figure would be it imho (red emphasis by me!):


Not that this should surprise – remember Project Follow Through – but it can be in sharp contrast with what many people tend to think or say, even if they are from the same organization. But the chart is more than what I emphasized. To me, it’s a ‘to do’ list in education. SES? Students arriving to later class or skipping school days, girls who are still outperformed, repeating grades,… These are all examples of both…

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