Paper-based versus computer-based, a PISA-discussion

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While many countries are now discussing the results of PISA 2015 and educators discuss graphs such as these, there is also another discussion worth of your attention: the OECD made a big change: most countries went from paper-based evaluation to computer-based evaluation. We’ve seen before that paper versus computer can make some difference, but the OECD-researchers did do pilots to measure the impact. But are the results clearcut? Not really, let’s check this long excerpt (bold by me):

Despite the attention given to ensuring comparability of test results across modes, it was not possible – nor desired – to adjust the scaling of results to take country differences in familiarity with computer tools, or in student motivation to take the PISA test on computer, into account. Indeed, PISA aims to measure student performance in different countries against a common, but evolving, benchmark – one that includes the ability…

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