Use arts to fight stress in economically disadvantaged preschoolers?

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We’ve seen before how stress can have a major impact on young kids, but more interesting: how to fight this. Maybe arts programming can play a role.

From the press release:

Previous research has determined that poverty can harm children’s educational, social-emotional, and physical health, in part by damaging the bodily systems that respond to the chronically high levels of stress that children in poverty are more likely to experience. A new study has found that intensive arts programs–music, dance, and visual arts–may address this phenomenon by lowering the stress levels of economically disadvantaged preschoolers, as measured through cortisol.

The study, by scientists at West Chester University and the University of Delaware, appears in the journal Child Development.

“Our study is the first we know of that demonstrates that the arts may help alleviate the impact of poverty on children’s physiological functioning,” notes Eleanor Brown, professor of…

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