The academic benefits of… feeling bad?

From experience to meaning...

We have known for quite a while now that feeling good and learning aren’t synonyms, but the opposite should really come as a surprise. Still a Concordia study reveals that occasional negative moods can positively impact student success.

From the press release:

For some, the start of December marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. But for most university students, the coming weeks mean final exams, mounting stress and negative moods.

While that doesn’t seem like an ideal combination for great grades, new research from Concordia University in Montreal shows that the occasional bout of bad feelings can actually improve students’ academic success.

A study published in Developmental Psychology by Erin Barker, professor of psychology in Concordia’s Faculty of Arts and Science, shows that students who were mostly happy during their four years of university but who also experienced occasional negative moods had the highest GPAs…

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