What causes smart people to resist scientific messages?

From experience to meaning...

This could become an interesting new study – not only because we seem to be living in post truth-times. Psychological researchers are working to understand the cognitive processes, ideologies, cultural demands, and conspiracy beliefs that cause smart people to resist scientific messages. They do this using surveys, experiments, observational studies and meta-analyses, the researchers capture an emerging theoretical frontier with an eye to making science communication efforts smarter and more effective. The only sad thing: I can’t read the actual paper as it’s only an announcement of a paper at a conference past weekend. The only thing we have for now is this press release:

Protecting “Pet Beliefs”

One striking feature of people who hold science-skeptic views is that they are often just as educated, and just as interested in science, as the rest of us. The problem is not about whether they are exposed to information, but about whether the information is…

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