Dual Coding in the Classroom

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Let me begin by saying that dual coding, or at least my initial understanding of this learning strategy, is completely foreign to me.  I am the antithesis of creative.  While others were playing with action figures and creating distant galaxies to be conquered in their mind, I was outside playing some sport.  Add to this my horrible drawing skills.  Today, after living 33 years on this planet, I still am unable to write on my board in a manner allowing all students comprehension.  My 5 year old son, Eli, has mastered the art of drawing people, rockets, and dinosaurs; I’d settle for being able to draw a really cool stick person. 

Best rocket ever drawn by a 5 year old 🙂


All-in-all, I don’t fancy myself a learner ready to dive into dual coding as my go-to learning strategy.  However, I certainly know that we’re not all the same learner…

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