Why do we accept so many insults in education?

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The past few years I’ve seen it happening over and over again. You find yourself in a room full of teachers or principals listening to a speaker – usually from outside education – who in a charismatic and funny way, insults the entire audience, calling them sheep, obsolete, redundant … You can see the same happening in often shared videos, such as the videos by Ken Robinson or Prince EA. These videos don’t have to be 50% correct (eg Robinson ) or they can even be completely wrong (eg Prince EA ), but they are still massively shared, often by teachers and principals themselves.

This may partly be due to a self-critical spirit in which teachers themselves think education should do better. It could stem from their own discomfort about how certain things are happening in education. True, sometimes it can be a good idea if someone from the outside looks at what you’re doing, but let this than be someone who goes beyond phraseology.

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