What triggers a high-school student to suddenly drop out?

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Leaving school without a degree can for a happy few be a great thing (cfr the typical mentions of Gates, Jobs or Zuckerberg), but for the biggest part of the dropouts it still means bad luck. But what causes high-school students to suddenly drop out? A new UdeM study shows that this could be divorcing parents, a car accident, a job layoff or any other major stressful event can provoke adolescents to quit their studies.

From the press release:

What pushes a teenager to suddenly drop out of high school? The answer: any number of very stressful “trigger” events that occur in their final few months in class, researchers at Université de Montréal’s Public Health Research Institute have found.

In fact, adolescents exposed to severe stressors are more than twice as likely to drop out in the following few months compared to similar schoolmates who are not exposed, says the study…

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