How to Support Self-Directed Learning in a Learning Organisation

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Mirjam Neelen & Paul A. Kirschner

Employees must constantly learn, improve, and adapt to economic, societal and technological changes in order to not become obsolete – mostly because where they work continually change their work practices in order to be more productive and/or competitive. This learning can be formal, non-formal or informal (see for example Van Merriënboer, Kirschner, Paas, Sloep, & Caniëls, 2009) and, thus, knowledge workers, who are often the focus of workplace learning[1], must be able to learn informally.

To this end, self-directed learning (SDL) is an essential competency needed by this type of employee. Rana and colleagues (2015) state that the relationship between SDL and a learning organisation is symbiotic. A learning organisation is “an organisation which learns powerfully and collectively and is continually transforming itself to better collect, manage, and use knowledge for corporate success” (p 3), which is essential from a…

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