A very relevant question: Is teacher burnout contagious?

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Burn-out is something to be taken seriously, imho. I’ve seen some close friends in education who fell victim and honestly: I never would dare to say that I could never become a burnout patient. Still, I’ve learned from earlier research that the causes of burnout are more complex than most people think. It’s no by definition – only – work that can result in people having a burnout. This new study does look at the work place – more specific in education – but examines something special: the effect of colleagues having en burnout. Well, that’s the word that’s being used to sell the study to the public. The correct question is how can the organizational culture in schools make a notable difference for early-career teachers’ burnout levels.

And while the findings of this study seem to have a certain element of ‘no shit, Sherlock, they do are very relevant:

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