How teaching wellbeing can support learning?

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Some time ago Harry Fletcher-Wood posted again a very relevant thread of tweets. What was the subject? The importance of wellbeing, or better the influence of teaching of wellbeing on learning. The irony is that this will seem a no-brainer for a lot of people as many are convinced that feelings of wellbeing are needed for learning. But a lot of cognitive and other scientists will tell you that it’s much more complicated than that. E.g. wellbeing is in the list of poor proxies for learning by Robert Coe and check also this quote by Hattie & Yates (well, you would need to read the bigger chapter where this quote is taken from). I’ve heard many times on conferences that wellbeing can rather be the result of learning than the other way around so maybe it’s not needed to teach wellbeing.

But this new study says something else. Let’s…

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