No Feedback, No Learning

3-Star learning experiences

Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen

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Feedback is one of the most, if not the most important tools for supporting learning. Giving effective feedback has also been found to be one of the most powerful educational interventions to improve learning. According to Shank (2017) effective feedback positively affects learning outcomes and motivation to learn, and can help build accurate schema. John Hattie (2011) found that giving feedback has an extremely large effect on learning, with an effect size of 0,79 (2X the average of all other educational effects)…

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…and the effect of formative feedback (i.e., feedback for learning) is 0,90! In his study on the difference between expert and experienced teachers (we have blogged about that topic here), Hattie found that one of the major things distinguishing experienced teachers from expert teachers, is that expert teachers not only monitor their students’ learning, but they also give them quality feedback…

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