Working in an Evidence-Informed Way

3-Star learning experiences

Mirjam Neelen & Paul A. Kirschner

As you might know, we’ve been writing this research-based, evidence-informed blog for slightly over three years and we both still very much enjoy it. Our goal is to present learning professionals (teachers, learning designers, trainers, etc.) with evidence-informed ideas on how to make both the instructional and the learning experience more effective, efficient, and enjoyable (hence ‘3-star learning experiences’). We’re both passionate about this topic and we try to ‘spread the word’ as much as we can. For example, in the third week of June, Paul delivered key note about Urban Legends in Education at the Festival of Education in Wellington, UK and Mirjam presented on Evidence-Informed Learning Design at Learning Tech Day in Ghent, Belgium.

Although for us it’s clear what it means to work as Learning Designers in an evidence-informed manner, Mirjam noticed during her talk that it wasn’t necessarily clear to…

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