The Difference Between Teacher, Student, and Learning Centred

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Paul A. Kirschner

I found the following table on Leren & Innoveren [Learning & Innovation] a blog written by Martin Groenewegen van der Weijden, culinary teacher at the Albeda College in Rotterdam. I decided to share it with you (with his permission) as I find it interesting in that it attempts to bust the dichotomy between teacher-centred and student-centred by focusing on learning.


‘traditional’ education‘new learning
The teacher teaches her/his subject lecturing in a classical settingThe school offers interdisciplinary education and makes knowledge sources available for studentsThe teacher provides learners with a mental model and guides them in actively working with the learning materials
The teacher determines the learning goals and criteriaStudents determine their own learning goalsLearning goals are determined together based upon practical and societal experiences
Identification, definition and memorisation, automatizationMetacognitive skills like information search, communication, collaborationLearning and transfer…

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