What’s really new in the “Innovating Pedagogy 2019”-report?

From experience to meaning...

The title suggests one of my dominant feelings when reading the Innovating Pedagogy 2019-report by the Open University. The report discusses 9 topics, and many of them aren’t really new to me. Or do you think that ‘Playful learning’, ‘Learning through wonder’, ‘making thinking visible’ or ‘Place-based learning’ are so new. Huizinga died in 1945 but already wrote about the importance of play, inspiring thinking about playful learning for decades, learning through wonder is nothing more than this:

something any good teacher already knows, making thinking visible is closely related to dual channel or dual coding theory and place-based learning? Well, field-trips are so new…

Other elements discussed in the report are more related to the present peak of inflated expectations of the technology hype cycle, e.g. teaching with robots (do note that the LOGO-turtle celebrated it’s fiftieth birthday 2 years ago), teaching with drones and virtual studios.


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