Registered problem solvers

Filling the pail

The clock ticked in the waiting room. The clients sat quietly. Most were scrolling through mobile phones. Some just sat and stared blankly into the middle distance.

Tick, tick, tick, went the clock.

Ms Jackson had a blocked drain. Mr Ahmed wanted to know the best investment plan to help him support his children if they decided to go to university. Ms Peters had recently moved to the city and was finding it hard to break into the tight-knit friendship groups she encountered.

The sign on the consulting room door read, “K. Solomon: Registered Problem Solver.” It creaked open. A young woman appeared. She turned back to talk to someone inside, “Thank you, Dr. Solomon,” she said before turning and striding confidently across and out of the waiting room.

Then, a kindly face appeared. Dr Solomon wore an open neck shirt and a broad smile. “Mr Ahmed?” he asked.

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