New very interesting research on ‘bullshitters’, based on PISA-data

From experience to meaning...

I found this new study by John Jerrim, Phil Parker and Nikki Shure through a tweet by Christian Bokhove.  Before you get offended by the concept of ‘bullshitters’, first let me explain to you what is meant by it:

Bullshitting is a well-known social phenomenon. It can be summarised as a situation where an individual claims to have knowledge, experience or expertise in some matter, when really they do not. The label “bullshitter” is then assigned to someone who makes such claims on a regular basis; i.e. a person who consistently exaggerates their prowess and/or frequently tells untruths.

And they checked this phenomenon across nine Anglophone countries, testing a total of 2,689 schools and 62,969 pupils with a roughly 80% response rate.

How did they test the level of bullshitting with the +40000 15-years olds:

A list of 16 items were then given to students, who were asked to indicate…

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