Motivation and Online Learning: Part II

3-Star learning experiences

Wouter Buelens[1], Paul A. Kirschner, & Mirjam Neelen

Last week, we discussed the relationship between motivation and learning in general. This week’s blog investigates whether the principles of motivation that apply in face-to-face learning contexts also apply in the context of online/blended learning. We then describe a number of effective learning and instructional strategies that enhance learning and can increase motivation. How can we implement these strategies in shaping (partially) online learning?

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It’s a humongous challenge to keep learners motivated during (forced) distance education or online learning. Interestingly, at the same time, the idea that blended learning should have a permanent place in both compulsory and higher education now and in the future, is gaining popularity. A blended form of instruction or learning usually means a mix of ‘in-class contact instruction’ and a certain degree of online learning outside the ‘physical building walls’. The…

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