Career Statement

As a person who sees research with the playful seriousness of a kid, I would like to start my academic career in a research university where the scholarship of teaching is also important. It is playful to me to think about what and how to research (philosophy part), to design it (engineering part), to read the results (teaching/co-learning part), and to share them with other researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders (service or engagement part). In other words, I want three major parts of my future career (research, teaching, and service/engagement) to integrate with each other highly thereby informing the overall progress of my professional development. This further suggests that these three main paths will feed off each other and provide the context for each other serving my main purpose of contributing to our understanding of learning through technology.

How possible is it? To me, the scholarship of teaching means not only teaching effectively and efficiently but also doing research (particularly design-based and action research) on my teaching efforts, and sharing it with others through conference presentations or journal articles. This will also include effective ways of learning as well since self-regulation is one of my research interests. For instance, while encouraging self-regulated learning on the part of my students through well-structured guidance, I will also run experiments on the effectiveness of it (especially during implementation) to gauge the learning outcomes. Results of such attempts, I think, will inform not only my future teaching practice but also my future research as well. I am also thinking of sharing these results through online or in person communications with practitioners or teachers as well thus serving their professional development efforts. This would also give me another research context in which I can do research again. My aim is to run state-of-the-art research that would integrate such attempts of teaching, research and service.

Moreover, I will go for high quality research that would impact both practice and literature largely. This suggests that I will dig deeper into figuring out important factors to study and how to integrate them in my research. Some of these will be potential contaminating factors whose effects will not have been checked before and would contribute to enhancing both learning practice and theory if checked. All these mean having an interdisciplinary orientation as well. I will build a career of being able look at research from different perspectives of different fields. I will do these by determining certain journals to follow thus being able to bridge my field with other fields. For instance, Applied Cognitive Psychology is an informative journal in terms of psychological research being done on learning and memory. I will also strengthen my individual efforts by collaborating with other researchers from other disciplines.

This way, I will highly contribute to the impact of the program in which I will work too. Doing impactful research would be just one part of this though. Getting grants and well-educated graduate students will be other ways. I will also involve in international collaborations through my currently active research areas such as cognitive load theory and community of inquiry framework on which a lot of international researchers work. Likewise, I will also attend international conferences that will be held not only in the US but also all around the world thereby contributing to the visibility of my program. Consequently, I want my name to be associated with my program and known for quality research, teaching and service. All these will be documented in my promotion and tenure dossier in the next five years, which will foresee more and more quality work I will achieve in the future after I get my tenure.

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