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  • 3 article awards
  • The single author of 2 research articles
  • The first author of four research articles published in The Internet and Higher Education & System & Cs and Ed
  • The second author of a book chapter in Handbook of Distance Education (3rd, editor: M. G. Moore)
  • The second author of a book chapter in Edu. Media & Tech. Yearbook Volume 40
  • The third author of a book chapter to appear in Handbook of research on STEM education
  • A personal official invitation letter from editor-in-chief of a prestigious journal of online learning
  • 2014-15 The Frank B. DeBruicker Graduate Scholarship/Award for research achievements
  • Both a research and regular internship in Learning, Design and Technology
  • Instructor and designer of various f2f, online, and blended undergrad and grad courses
  • Supervisor of one MA thesis completed in 2017
  • Contributor to several grant writing projects as a PI and researcher
  • Commitment to high quality community service
  • An active learning/instructional designer/consultant & ed media/tech designer


  • Purdue University, IN, USA
    • PhD. & M.S.: Dep. of Curriculum & Instruction, Learning, Design and Technology (2010-2015)
  • Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
    • Doctoral coursework in cognitive science (2009-2010)
  • Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
    • M.A. & B.A.: Department of Foreign Language Education (2006-2009; 2001-2006)


  • Purdue University, IN, USA
    • Graduate Assistant for Online Professional Development Initiative (06/14– 06/15)
    • Research Assistant
      • Learning, Design and Technology Assessment/Evaluation Project (06/12–01/14)
      • Comcast Project (12/10–05/12)
      • GERI (Gifted Education Research Institute) (06/11–05/12)
      • MFRI research project (08/10–05/11)
    •  Teaching Assistant
      • EDCI 270000, Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing (08/10–05/14)
    • Intern
      • Regular Internship in Learning, Design & Technology with Dr. Jennifer C. Richardson (Fall ’13)
      • Research Internship in Education with Dr. Aman Yadav and Dr. Timothy Newby (spring ‘12)
  • Instructor
    • Bilgi University (Spring 2018)
      • 408 Technology & Education (blended/undergrad)
      • 402 Teaching practicum (undergrad)
      • 406 Seminar on practice teaching (undergrad)
      • 310 Reading & Writing (blended/undergrad)
    • Bilgi University (Fall 2017)
      • 303 Instructional Material  Design & Development (f2f/undergrad)
      • 403 Research Methods (blended/undergrad)
    • Bahcesehir University (Spring 2017)
      • EDT 6116 Cognition, Learning & Technology (blended/doctoral)
      • EDT 5109 Human performance technology (online/grad)
    • Bahcesehir University (Fall 2016)
      • EDT 6103 Readings in educational technology(blended/doctoral)
      • CET 2026 Instructional design (blended/undergrad)
      • EDT 5103 Instructional design (online/grad)
    • Bahcesehir University (2015-2016)
      • CET 2020 Instructional Technologies and Material Design (f2f/undergrad)
      • CET 3028 Multimedia Design and Production in Education (blended/undergrad)
      • CET 2026 Instructional Design (blended/undergrad)
      • EDT 5001 Educational Technology: Field, Theory & Profession (blended/grad)
      • EDT 5103 Instructional Design (online/grad)
  • New Course Designer & Developer
    • Bilgi University
      • 408 Technology & Education (blended)
      • 310 Reading & Writing (blended)
      • 403 Research Methods (blended)
    • Bahcesehir University
      • 6116 Cognition, Learning Technology (blended)
      • 6103 Readings in Educational Technology (blended)
      • 5109 Human Performance Technology (online)
      • 5103 Instructional Design (online)
      • 2026 Instructional Design (blended)
  • Instructional Designer
      • Bahcesehir University
        • CO-OP course: Learning design with Microsoft Technology
        • Online learning modules
      • Purdue University (2013-2015)
        • EDCI 54900 – Assessment in Mathematics Education
        • EDPS 59100 – Introduction to statistical reasoning in education research II
        • Hybrid College of Education Faculty Training—Online Development Course
        • Online professional development badge modules for graduate students using Passport,
  • Ed Media/Tech Designer
    • EduFadder
    • bOOk
    • Highretriever
    • EduGApp
  • Supervisor
    • Sari, I. (2017). The predictive relationship between teaching, social and cognitive presence, and collaborative task achievement in a face-to-face EFL context. Unpublised MA Thesis, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Committee Member
    • Kilic, M. (2018). The power of self-perception and loneliness of high school students to predict social networking habits and social networking intentions. Unpublised MA Thesis, Biruni Uni., Istanbul, Turkey.
    • Guclu, E. B. (2018). The relationship between the approaches of the managers in the basic education institutions according to four frames theory and teacher motivation. Unpublised MA Thesis, Bahcesehir Uni., Istanbul, Turkey.
    • Kayarkaya, B. (2018). Assessment of textual level EFL reading comprehension: A cognitive and contextual investigation. Unpublised MA Thesis, Bogazici Uni., Istanbul, Turkey.
    • Varol, B. (2017). Annotation and working memory in second language reading, incidental vocabulary learning, and perceived cognitive load. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Bogazici Uni., Istanbul, Turkey.
    • Akcay, S. Z. (2016). The role of using Facebook in an EFL learning context and students’ perceptions of it: A case study. Unpublised MA Thesis, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Reviewer
    • The Internet and Higher Education
    • Computers & Education
    • The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning
    • System
    • AERA 2017,2019; AECT 2018
  • Coordinator
    • Educational design and evaluation graduate program, Bahcesehir Uni. (2016-…)
  • Teacher
    • English teacher 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th graders, Sariyer Bil, Istanbul, Turkey (’07-’09)
  • Vounteer/Coach
    • How to catch unsupported education-related ideas through a checklist instrument (Spring 2019)
    • MYTecH: A conversation on tech integration, Bilgi Uni., Istanbul, TR, (May, ’18)
    • Translating learning scientists’ effective strategies docs into Turkish (
    • Learning design with local teachers, Sisli Municipality, Istanbul, Turkey, (Sept. ’16)
    • Technology leaders and technology integration, Bahcesehir College, Istanbul, Turkey (Spr. ’16)
    • Vice President, Purdue Turkish Student Association, Purdue Uni., IN, USA (Fall ‘13)
    • Secretary, Purdue Association of Educational Technology (PAET), Purdue Uni., (’11-’12)
    • Trainer and Volunteer, Project Tech “Juvenile Kids Gaming Lab”, Purdue Uni., (Sum. ’11)
    • WordPress Trainer, Career and Technical Education Workshop, Purdue Uni., (Sum. ’11)


  • Journal Articles
    • Kozan, K., Ata, A. (2019). A construct validity study of the measurement of pre-service teachers’ performance by their mentor teachers. Mediterranean Journal of Educational Research, 13(27), 547-558.
    • Kozan, K., & Caskurlu, S. (2018). On the Nth presence for the Community of Inquiry framework. Computers & Education, 122, 104-118.
    • Atakan, A., & Kozan, K. (2018). Factor analytic insights into micro-teaching performance of teacher candidates. International Online Journal of Education and Teaching (IOJET), 5(1), 169-178.
    • Sari, I., & Kozan, K. (2018). The prediction of collaborative EFL task achievement by teaching, social and cognitive presence. Mediterranean Journal of Educational Research, 12(25), 60-75.
    • Kozan, K. (2016a). A comparative structural equation modeling investigation of the relationships among teaching, cognitive, and social presence. Online Learning, 20(3), 210-227.
    • Kozan, K. (2016b). The incremental predictive validity of teaching, cognitive and social presence on cognitive load. The Internet and Higher Education, 31, 11-19.
    • Kozan, K., Erçetin, G., & Richardson, J.C. (2015). Input modality and working memory: Effects on second language text comprehension in a multimedia learning environment. System, 55, 63-73.
    • Kozan, K., & Richardson, J.C. (2014a). Interrelationships between and among social, teaching, and cognitive presence. The Internet and Higher Education, 21, 68-73.
    • Kozan, K., & Richardson, J.C. (2014b). New Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis Insights into the Community of Inquiry Survey. The Internet and Higher Education, 23, 39-47.
  • Book chapters
    • Guzey, S., Caskurlu, S., & Kozan, K. (accepted). Integrated STEM education approaches and student learning. In C. Johnson, M. Mohr-Schroeder, T. Moore, & L. English (Eds.), Handbook of research on STEM education.
    • Richardson, J. C., & Kozan, K. (2017). Digging deeper into online learning communities at Purdue: Research-informed insights into both theory and practice. In M. Orey & R. M. Branch (Eds.), Educational Media and Technology Yearbook Volume 40 (pp. 85-97). Switzerland: Springer.
    • Kim, M.C., Kozan, K., Kim, W., & Koehler, A. A. (2013). Technology integration: From implementation to dynamic scaffolding. In M. Moore (Ed.), Handbook of distance education (pp. 299-315). New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Conference (online) proceedings
    • Kozan, K. (2017). Implications of measuring cognitive load in a fully online learning experience. The AERA Online Paper Repository (pp. 1-20).
    • Kozan, K . (2016). The predictive validity of the presences for germane cognitive load? The AERA Online Paper Repository (pp. 1-12).
    • Kozan, K. (2015). How does cognitive load relate to teaching, social and cognitive presences? The AERA Online Paper Repository (pp. 1-19).
    • Kozan, K. & Richardson, J. (2014). The modality effect and foreign language proficiency. The AERA Online Paper Repository (pp. 1-14).
    • Richardson, J., Kozan, K., Mutlu, N. & Yu, T. (2013). On the relationships between and among teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence. The AERA Online Paper Repository (pp. 1-7).
    • Kozan, K. (2010). May bimodal presentation involve more cognitive load in a computerized L2 multimedia environment? Proceedings of IETC 2010 International Educational Technology Conference (pp.935-938), Boğaziçi University, İstanbul, Turkey.


  • AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology)
  • AERA (American Educational Research Association)


  • Stukel Distinguished Professor, Karen Swan, Uni. of Illinois, Committee Member,e-mail:
  • Prof.  Aman Yadav, Michigan State Uni., Educational Psychology & Educational Technology, Course Instructor, Research Internship Supervisor, Committee Member,email:
  • Prof.  Jennifer C. Richardson, Purdue University, Learning, Design and Technology, Academic Advisor and Doctoral Committee Chair, email:
  • Prof.  Timothy Newby, Purdue Uni., Learning, Design and Technology, Course Instructor, Teaching Assistant Supervisor, Committee Member, email:
  • Assoc. Prof.  Yukiko Maeda, Purdue Uni., Educational Psychology and Research Methods, Course Instructor, email:



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