Grad Course Work

This page includes some course work examples emanating from some graduate course requirements I needed to fulfill.

EDPS 65500 Cognition and Computers

Please CLICK HERE to reach the online portfolio I created for this course. It includes the basic course requirements that needed to be published online.

EDCI 56600 Educational Applications of Hypermedia

Please CLICK HERE to reach the online portfolio I created for this course. This basically includes (a) an instructional Wiki, (b) a digital story, and (c) an animation.

EDCI 67000 Educational Technology Integrated Project (Portfolio)

This is the portfolio leading to my MS degree in Learning, Design and Technology. Please CLICK HERE to view it.

EDCI 51300 Foundations of Learning Design and Technology

Please CLICK HERE to view the final paper I wrote for this course. In this paper, I focus on potential contributions of instructional methods and different technologies to technology integration

EDCI 57200 Learning Systems Design

In this final paper, I talk about the online learning module I designed in the light of a give case. Please CLICK HERE to download the paper.

EDCI 56400 Integration and Management of Computers in Education

I created an online instructional learning module entitled “Planets in our solar system” for this course as an instructional integrated project. Please CLICK HERE to view this.

EDCI 67200 Advanced Practices in Learning Systems Design

This course mainly focused on resolving instructional design cases implementing case-based instruction. Please CLICK HERE to view one example of my case solutions.

EDCI 67300 Issues/Methods in Educational Technology Research

This is an advanced research methods course involving data collection, analysis and reporting. Please CLICK HERE to see my final paper.



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