Courses Taken

This page lists the courses I completed to earn my MS and Phd degrees in Learning, Design and Technology from Purdue.

  • EDCI 51300 Foundations of Learning Design and Technology
  • EDCI 52800 Human Performance Technology
  • EDCI 56400 Integration and Management of Computers in Education
  • EDCI 56600 Educational Applications of Hypermedia
  • EDCI 57200 Learning Systems Design
  • EDCI 59000 L2 (second language) WM (Working Memory) and L2 Proficiency
  • EDCI 59000 Memory and The Modality Effect
  • EDCI 59000 Factor Analysis on Presences
  • EDCI 59100 ID Theories
  • EDCI 59100 Introduction to E-Learning
  • EDCI 66000 Learning Design and Technology Seminar
  • EDCI 67000 Educational Technology Integrated Project (formerly Learning Design and Technology Project)
  • EDCI 59000 CL (Cognitive Load) and WM (Working Memory) Testing
  • EDCI 61500 Qualitative Research Methods in Education
  • EDCI 62700 Social Computing In Education
  • EDCI 67200 Advanced Practices in Learning Systems Design (formerly Advanced Design)
  • EDCI 67300 Issues/Methods in Learning Systems Design Research
  • EDCI 67400 Advanced Instructional Design Theory
  • EDCI 69500 Internship in Education (6 credit hours): I took this course two times—one time for regular internship in Learning Design and Technology, and another time for research internship in education.
  • EDPS 63000 Research Procedures in Education
  • EDPS 65500 Computers and Cognition
  • EDPS 63800 Factor Analytic Procedures
  • GRAD 59000 Preparing Future Faculty
  • COGS 55100 Human Memory (Transferred from Middle East Technical University)
  • STAT 50100 Experimental Statistics 1 (substituted by FLED 501 Research Methods)
  • STAT 50200 Experimental Statistics 2 (substituted by FLED 602 Advanced Research Methods)
  • TLI 62600 Life of a Faculty Entrepreneur
  • EDCI 69900 Research PhD Thesis (22 credit hours)

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